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Range of services

 Certified translations from English to Polish and from Polish to English of:

  • official documents (from registry, courts e.g. birth, marriage and death certificates, certificates on criminal record, judgments and court decisions);
  • invoices;
  • registration certificates of vehicles, certificates on motor insurance history;
  • documents connected with employment (employment certificates, contracts, certificates on wages);
  • notarial deeds of various kinds;
  • school certificates, diplomas, supplements, certificates of course completion;
  • medical documentation and doctor’s certificates;
  • accounting documentation;
  • websites (www);
  • articles of  association of companies, contracts, power of attorney.

 Translation of:

  • business correspondence, including electronic;
  • privates correspondence;
  • technical documentation;
  • brochures, guidebooks and books;
  • articles and scientific papers.

Interpreting – consecutive sworn interpreting:

  • In Registry (including marriage ceremonies);
  • At Notary Public offices during notarial deeds (articles of association of companies, sales agreements, etc.);
  • during business talks and negotiations (including the ones via telephone and skype);
  • during workshops, training sessions and conferences;
  • guiding foreign official delegations;
  • technical interpreting during assembly and set up of machines.